Untouchable Lawmen

Untouchable Lawmen

asian movie

Untouchable LawmenUntouchable Lawmen

Genre: Action, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Investigation, Law
Country: South Korea
Status: Completed

Date Release: August 27, 2015
Star: Im Chang-Jung, Daniel Choi

Jung-Jin (Im Chang-Jung) is a criminal profiler and he came from the FBI in the United States. Yoo-Min (Daniel Choi) is a detective and he graduated from the top police university, but he is more interested in women then arresting criminals.

Jung-Jin and Yoo-Min are called to the special investigation headquarter for a secret meeting. There, Jung-Jin and Yoo-Min receive an order to take down the boss of a criminal organization. The crime boss, with the help of people in power, appears untouchable.